Mt. Trashmore in Virginia Beach to host Fil Fest USA VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WAVY) — If you’re looking for some fall fun this at yahoo weekend, the 7th annual FIL Fest USA will be coming to Virginia Beach. The festival will highlight Filipino culture through a mix of activities, music, food, and dance. FIL Fest will also feature a special guest comedian, Erick Esteban. Click here to subscribe to our breaking news email alerts Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer says the festival will cultivate a sense of pride as he encourages the residents to join the celebration of Filipino American Heritage Month. “The Filipino community contributes to the quality of life in this region and cultivates a sense of community and pride,” said the mayor. The festival is scheduled for the following dates and times: For more information on the festival, visit . Get the free WAVY News App, available for download in the App Store and Google Play , to stay up to date with all your local news, weather and sports, live newscasts and other live events. Copyright 2021 Nexstar Media Inc.

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GDDEI will be a multi-year investment in DoD security cooperation with the MoD following the conclusion of GDRP. GDRP has served as the focal point for bilateral security cooperation with Georgia since May 2018. GDDEI consists of two components. One component focuses on organizational change to build Georgia’s institutional capacity in the defense sector. The second focuses on strengthening GDF capabilities to train and employ brigades in combined arms operations necessary for territorial defense. GDDEI builds on the progress achieved under GDRP by enhancing deterrence and territorial defense capabilities, fostering interoperability with NATO, and enabling institutional reform and modernization through organizational change management. Georgia’s whole-of-government resilience capacity, which GDDEI seeks to support, requires close cooperation between the MoD and other Georgian government ministries.

Meyer Harker Heights Public Library’s Science Time program brings science concepts to life every week through a variety of methods, usually an experiment or demonstration. Two weeks ago, however, library clerk Heather Heilman did something a little different when she instead held a storytime that celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month. Heilman noted at the opening of the short Facebook Live video that the library had been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month all week, so, “Today I’m going to read you a book about a Hispanic scientist.” The nonfiction selection was titled “Sharuko: Peruvian Archaeologist Julio C. Tello” by Monica Brown (who is of Peruvian descent herself). The book was written in both Spanish and English (Spanish on the left-hand pages, English on the right), and was full of bright illustrations. Known as the father of Peruvian archaeology, Tello was born in 1880 in Huarochiri, Peru, a more hints small town located in the highlands east of Lima. He and his siblings grew up discovering pottery, bones and skulls in the Andes foothills, and his unflappability around the human remains earned him the nickname “sharuko,” or “brave.” His findings as a child and his fascination with the history of his people would be the basis for his studies and career. His aunt brought him to Lima when he was 12 years old so that he could study. He went on to graduate from medical school, then came to the U.S.

Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau speaks. It’s expected Ontario's vaccine passport will operate on a similar standard. This internationally recognized format should integrate with the vaccine passport apps in California, New York and elsewhere. But other provinces have yet to follow suit. What remains to be seen is how air carriers and VIA Rail will validate the disparate types of vaccine records for travelers. One source said they expect carriers Air Canada and WestJet to simply develop their own applications. This is precisely why Canada began working on a proof-of-vaccine issued by the federal government. Asked about the lack of a national vaccine database on Wednesday, Trudeau told reporters “The federal government doesn’t have that information and quite frankly for privacy reasons are happy to not have that information.” Trudeau said his government was working to “integrate the proof of vaccination digital codes into [the air carriers] online booking process so that when you print out your boarding pass at the airport or in advance there will be a clearly marked proof of vaccination thumbs up or check mark so that the gate agent does not have to be checking documentation,” he said, without specifying how those carriers will validate the vaccine record. A spokesperson for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada told POLITICO that Ottawa continues to work on that national vaccine database. “The standardized, pan-Canadian proof of vaccination is a factual document that shows a traveller has been vaccinated against COVID-19,” the spokesperson wrote in an email. “It is expected to have a common look and include the holder’s COVID-19 vaccination history, such as the number of doses, vaccine type(s), and date and place where doses were administered.” That document will be useful for travel within Canada and beyond, they wrote, and could even be used as a domestic vaccine passport.