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A supporter of the former president’s fanciful claims of election fraud at a rally in Perry, Georgia, 25 September. According to the news outlet, at least four people in Raffensperger’s office have been interviewed, including attorney Ryan Germany and the chief operating officer, Gabriel Sterling. On another legal front, the FBI has begun interviews check this out in recent weeks with several Georgia election officials about death threats and other dangerous warnings they received in the months after the election from Trump backers suggesting falsely that Georgia officials were involved in election rigging. For instance, Richard Barron, who heads the Fulton county board of elections, told the Guardian he was interviewed by two FBI agents in early September and informed them about two death threats he received, including one in the summer “full of white supremacist language” which warned he would be “served lead”. “I hope the FBI makes some arrests,” Barron added. “People need to be held accountable for making threats against public officials.” Barron noted that threats against him and his majority Black staff rocketed after the election, when Democrats also won two Senate seats in the historically red-leaning state. Threats against Barron escalated further after Trump singled him out by name at a rally, he said. Former justice department prosecutors say that the taskforce looking into these threats has to be aggressive. “Absent rigorous law enforcement, responsible citizens will shy away from seeking these types of important public jobs, especially if they feel their families will be under threat,” said Paul Pelletier, a former acting chief of the fraud section at DoJ.

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For more details, visit their site at, click on Be a Big, then on drop down click on Get Started. You will need to read and complete each step. Are you feeling lonely and 55 years or older? Would you like someone to call you weekly to visit with you? If you would be interested in having someone call you, then contact us. A Center for Grieving Children is in need of volunteers. We are a nonprofit organization that works with children, teens and their families who are experiencing loss because of death, divorce or separation. We train all new volunteers. Volunteers needed to work in the office, make lessons for children, and clean.

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Fungus heavily affecting Illinois pumpkin patches MECHANICSBURG, Ill (WAND) - Illinois produces tons of pumpkins each year, but an invasive fungus has ruined the crops of many farmers. The fungus growth means these pumpkins rot prematurely and can never be used to sell.  For Indian Knoll Pumpkin Patch, this affected a lot of their most money-making type. "I'd say we lost 25 to 30% of our crop," said Penny Bliler, co-owner of the patch. She says it's due to the large amount of rain they've had.  "The fungus problem started easily in July and it was hard to get in to spray as much as we like to spray because it was still raining and then the heat on top of all the rain really hurt the crop," Bliler said. And the mix of heat did not help. "They had ample moisture and then 90 degrees just was really hard on these great big pumpkins that were ripe," she explained. As Bliler showed WAND, each of the bad pumpkins started going bad when a bacterial spot appeared on them.  "It was devastating to walk out here thinking you were gonna get a whole wagon load and about the first 50 feet of the pumpkin patch you went halfway down in your row and you still were looking for more pumpkins. So it was a sobering moment to the full report realize so many were laying there rotten in the beginning," Bliler said. However, she said there are plenty of pumpkins left there to purchase because they planted extra this year in anticipation of a busy year, especial jack-o-lantern and pie pumpkins that fought better against the fungus. For more information on their patch, visit