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INDIANAPOLIS — Ramp changes to the North Split shutdown are causing new traffic headaches for drivers navigating downtown. The I-70 off ramp at Ohio Street is closed for the remainder of the project. Instead, drivers are being directed to a new off ramp on Michigan. It’s the first completed portion of the project. “I assume it’s going to get crazy,” said Zack Vandeman who bikes to work in Irvington but returns back downtown through Michigan. “I would much rather be on a bike than a car. You can bypass a lot of the worst of it.” Highway construction causing increased traffic and crashes in Mooresville, police chief says Drivers have been dealing with traffic already on Michigan. They tell us that delivery truck drivers often stop on the street to drop off products to nearby businesses and restaurants. It can reduce traffic to a single lane. Indy Department of Public Works (DPW) says they can not restrict vehicles who are legally allowed to drive through, however they are monitoring traffic patterns. There are numerous projects happening downtown with DPW and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).


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Here are some of their posted memories on the Tribune’s entry form at https://go.lacrossetribune.com/rotarymascot . You two can offer names and share memories by completing the form. “My Favorite Rotary Lights memory is driving through the Riverside Park and then driving to Pettibone Park to take in the lights from across the river.” — David Hofer “The display is so magical and so breath taking given the right temps you could spend hours walking around and around and always seeing something new each round that you missed the first walk around!” — Cheri Blaser “Watching my kids dance to the music and the light show!” — Chelsea Stephenson “Is taken my kids for the first time to see the light’s when they were able to start walking.” — Theresa Hodyniak “Watching my children’s faces as we drive through the park.” — Sarah Dahlke “Driving through the park with my family, drinking hot chocolate, and enjoying all of the beautiful lights!” — Dawn Halverson “The different Christmas trees decorate by community organizations.” — Joseph Erlbacher “The parade on opening night and seeing all the lights come on. We go every year. The joy of seeing my girls’ eyes light up every time they see santa in the parade is priceless!” — Katie Thesing “First time driving thru and knowing I wanted to do it again the following year.” — Todd Butzman “Walking the park and taking in all of the wonders and spirit of the Christmas holiday season.” — Jill Veitz “Watching my grandkids in awe of the generosity of people and the food collection.” — Tammy Highman “Watching the live Nativity with family.” — Laurie Pataska “Dec 21, 2000. After our wedding we rented the trolley and Rotary Lights opened an hour early to let us go through and take pictures with continued our family and bridal party.. Pete Stinson hopped on and greeted us!” — Jennifer Shilling “Taking our children through the lights starting as babies and now as adults.” — Brian Olson “My husband and I just love coming to look at all the beautiful lights. We started to bring our best friend and her son just a couple years ago. He already is asking when we can go again.” — Krista Stark “Walking through Riverside Park looking at all of the sparkling lights and watching my daughter’s face light up in amazement.” — Nicole Walchak “I sang with the choir at Rotary Lights for many years growing up. It was magical! I loved being a part of it.